150ML Hand Sanitiser

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150ML Hand Sanitiser

Our Irish made hand sanitiser currently being used extensively throughout the HSE is a clear gel with an alcohol odor used to ensure that hands are left free of bacteria. Effective against a wide range of micro-organisms. Product is food safe and particularly effective in food preparation areas, hospitals, schools, etc. It is quick-drying and will leave the hands supple and smooth.

Areas of Application:
Our hand sanitiser can be used in a variety of applications such as schools, universities, hospitals, shop fronts, construction sites, offices, personal use etc.
Directions for Use:
Soiled hands must be washed before application. Dispense through pump dispenser bottle. Apply sufficient product to ensure total coverage of hands. Rub hands together lightly so that the product dries on all surfaces of both hands. No towelling or other cloth should be used to dry hands.